Coaching Intensive: The 100-Day Challenge

Having myself faced many changes in my life, I developed a process to support my clients to break free from overwhelm and step into the change with fulfillment and joy. Following THE AIM 6-step coaching model you will acquire awareness on your purpose and goals, get inspiration from your values and strengths and move forward to maximize your personal and professional life.

In today world it is more and more important to be the first! At school, work and life, reactivity time is critical. Have you ever found yourself saying: “I had that idea too…” To have an idea is pretty easy, to realize it within a short notice and in time requires a strategy and a winning support system! In my 15 years of experience in personal and business project development I learnt the importance of challenging ourselves: give yourself 100 DAYS to realize your idea or reach your goal and I can bet you’ll be successful!

What I learnt in my transformational journey is that we have more courage, strengths, capabilities than we think or seem to have, and with persistence, patience and hard work we can reach all our goals. Nevertheless, everyday I meet talented, resourceful, smart, powerful, brave people who struggle to succeed. So what is missing? A SUCCESS PARTNER, someone who believes and cares about them.

I would be honored and proud to partner and support you in:

  • Having TRUST and boosting your confidence level to gain clarity on your purpose and what you want to achieve
  • Preserving HEALTH and devoting time to self-care to empower your body, mind and soul
  • Creating ENERGY and being mindful in order to enhance your resources and relationships
  • Acquiring AWARENESS and using all your senses to identify options and explore any possibilities
  • Getting INSPIRATION and naming your talents so you can follow your intuition and align your decisions with your core values
  • Keeping MOVING and taking advantage of the momentum in order to map your action plan and celebrate all your achievements.

At the end of the journey you will be able to name your powerful talents, create your own success tools, and share the story of your unique transformational journey!


Coaching Journey: 3-4 months.
It includes:
a discovery session of 90 minutes, 12 coaching session of 60 minutes, weekly calls and emails free of charge.

Coaching For Transformation: Coaching To Your Aim, Transforming Your Life

Some projects requires more time, transformation itself requires time. When working to create “your new career” or “new business” or “new life” many things will need to change in your environment, you will find yourself in need of going out of your comfort zone to have new thoughts, sense new feelings, adopt new behaviors.

Before taking any action, I will invite you to consider what is most relevant to you and to identify which structures are still serving you and which are not. The journey of transformation requires lightness and commitment.

Are you ready to begin the journey?

Trust your intuition! Intuition is powerful, trust is powerful. Both intuition and trust relies on your core values. I will support you in aligning your thoughts and actions to your values. Alignment is essential to achieve your desired aim. Without alignment there is no harmony. Just chaos and waste of energy.

Trust your intuition and transform it into action!

Coaching Journey: 9-12 months.
It includes:
a discovery session of 90 minutes, 12 coaching session of 90 minutes, weekly calls and emails free of charge, reading resources and assessment tools.

Team Coaching: Together Everyone Achieve More!

Coaching one-to-one is a very powerful way to help someone reflect upon issues that affect their performance and well-being. But just focusing on the individual and what is going on for them internally, is only part of the picture. All really effective coaching addresses not only the individual, but the systems, of which they are a part. Sustainable individual change can often only be achieved, if the systems around them also change to support and reinforce new behaviours, priorities and ways of thinking.

Research shows that individual performance is far more dependent on the team environment than had previously been thought. Moreover, high individual performance by one or more people in a team doesn’t necessarily lead to high performance overall – indeed, sometimes the opposite may be the case.

Team coaching has emerged in recent decades as a practical way to apply the principles of coaching to the team as a whole. It enables the team to:

  • Develop a climate of psychological safety, conducive to collective learning. Team members learn to have open dialogue, to share concerns and fears and to work with constructive, empathetic challenge. As a result they build deeper levels of trust and higher quality of collaboration.
  • Gain greater clarity, coherence and consistency around priorities – what’s most important for the team to achieve collectively. One of the signs that a team is successful in this is that individuals routinely put the team priorities ahead of their own personal task priorities.
  • Better understand the processes that underlie how the team works, and identify ways to improve these. Team coaching helps the team question and validate its own assumptions, with the result that radically new ways of working frequently emerge
  • Manage all three types of conflict (task, process and relationship) constructively – so that conflict becomes a driver of performance, rather than a barrier.
  • Understand and value the contribution each member can make at their best, and how to support each other in creating circumstances, where they can play to their strengths
  • Explore the team culture and help it evolve in line with changing environment, while still enabling everyone to retain their personal authenticity
  • Increase the level of creativity and innovation
  • Manage its reputation within and outside the organization
  • Improve the effectiveness of communication, both between team members and with external stakeholders
  • Have a stronger sense of shared purpose
  • Become more resilient to setbacks
  • Adjust its temporal orientation (achieving a better balance between attention to the past, present, near future and long-term future)

Because everyone in the team learns and reflects together, teams that embrace team coaching tend to demonstrate more focused, collective energy. As they learn together – and support each other’s learning – they can use real work issues to put the learning into practice, so embedding new skills. Typically, co-coaching becomes a routine activity.

Team coaching isn’t always transformational. Nor is it the answer for all team performance issues – if the team is actually just a bunch of people who work together, but have no desire for collective improvement, then the impact may be very limited. Equally, if the team leader does not accept that change involves him or her as well, team coaching isn’t necessarily a practical approach.

Where team coaching does frequently deliver the goods is when:

  • A new team is being formed and needs to hit the ground running
  • A key team is not working as effectively as it could, and the team leader and team members agree that they want to do better
  • A long-established team has lost its sparkle and wants to regain it
  • A top team wants to become a role model for the rest of the organisation

What team coaching can do in all these cases is to re-energise, refocus and create collective habits of success.


I have the privilege to assist Prof. Clutterbuck in his Team Coaching Certification Training in Italy and apply Team Coaching skills and tolls in my own practice.

Coaching Journey: 6-9 months.
It includes:
a discovery session of 90 minutes with both the Sponsor and the Team Leader, an assessment interview with each team member, core coach skills training for the team, up to 9 monthly coaching session with the team, one-to-one coaching sessions with the team leader and with team members if requested, reading resources and tools, interim and final assessments and reporting.

Coach Training: A Life Changing Experience

As an ICF Professional Certified Coach and Mentor, I am Global Faculty Trainer and Italian Program Director at the International Coach Academy.

ICA was created in the year 2000 with a vision to create a vibrant global community of coaches, and today is one of the worlds leading coach training schools having trained over 5000 coaches from 95 countries around the world.

ICA provides a wide selection of coach training programs accredited by the International Coach Federation as ACSTH or ACTP.  ICA Trainers are all coaches with ICF credentials with years of experience across a range of coaching applications. They are also experienced Learning Leaders, dedicated to creating a safe and trusted learning space where students can openly share their thoughts, wins, challenges and questions.

Are you curious to discover how it is like to train at the International Coach Academy? Visit the website:

Visit the site to discover our ICF ACTP and ACSTH Coach Training Programs.

Coach Supervision: A Lifelong Learning Partnership

As a European Individual Award Senior Practitioner and Advisor for the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, I strongly believe in Supervision.

Supervision is the interaction that occurs when a coach brings their coaching work experiences to a supervisor in order to be supported and to engage in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for the development and benefit of the coach, their clients and their organizations.

The functions of supervision include:

  • Developing the competence and capability of the coach.
  • Providing a supportive space for the coach to process the experiences they have had when
    working with clients.
  • Encouraging professional practice related to quality, standards and ethics.

Supervision sessions of one hour provided upon request.