One-to-One & Group Mentoring for Leadership Development: Be The Leader You Want to See

After 3 months in my first job I did my first ever Assessment Evaluation and received the highest rate on Leadership with the following comment: “Rossella is a leader by nature!”.

This was not new to me, as in school I was often appointed as team leader, representative, speaker,… but I soon discovered that being a born-to-be leader at work was not enough.

Leadership requires training, mentoring and supervision. So I read books on leadership and found in the situational leadership my personal approach. Now I consider myself  a Servant Leader, a primus inter pares, happy to support as a Mentor other born-to-be leaders to develop their own unique leadership style and transform their organizations. I am not alone, there are many great servant leaders and I love to invite them all in Italy from around the World!

[In the picture: Karen Cappello, Lisa Bloom, Doris Bisaro]

The nine behaviors of a Servant Leader are:

  1. Serve First
  2. Build Trust
  3. Live Your Values
  4. Listen to Understand
  5. Think About Your Thinking
  6. Add Value to Others
  7. Demonstrate Courage
  8. Increase Your Influence
  9. Live Your Transformation


One-to-One & Board Team Mentoring for Business Development: Live a Life of Start-Ups

I really love change! I see change as an opportunity to learn and grow. Change is a key component of Transformation and Innovation. In my corporate life I created from scratch roles, teams, departments, organization processes, products, services and  business markets.

As a business mentor, I work with CEOs and Senior Executives dealing with business start-up and transition period management to develop their knowledge and skills to break free from overwhelm and step into the change with fulfillment and joy. My passion for people development, combined with my extensive experience as a business and project manager, allow me to unconditionally support my clients, understand their needs and speak their language.

Are you ready for your next start-up adventure?

Mentoring for Coach Skills Development: The Gift of being Observed and Supported

As an ICF Professional Certified Mentor and an EMCC EIA Senior Practitioner and Assessor, I support Professional Coaches and Mentors in the development of their coaching and mentoring skills to next level.

Sessions can be run in group and/or individually, online or F2F.

Mentor Training: Everyone Needs a Mentor

Here I am with the Mentor of Mentors, Prof. David Clutterbuck. I learnt from him everything I know about mentoring and the learning never ends!

I have created MentorLab to provide Mentor Training Programs to Coaches, HR professionals, CEOs, Learning Leaders and born-to-be mentors who would like to become Professional Mentors or serve as Mentors in Formal Mentoring Programs.

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