Your Frequent Asked Questions

These are the most frequent requests I deal with, I you have more, just book a free discovery session or send me an email. I’ll be pleased to connect!

Where are you from?

I was born in Italy from a pure 100% Italian family, but I grew up listening to the amazing stories of my Mum’s brothers: 5 uncles who were working and living in foreign Countries… Australia, South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, Argentina, France,… they were speaking different languages that sounded like music to my ears! So I decided to learn those languages and to search for working opportunities abroad. When I look back, I see how many doors this choice has opened. That’s why I say to my kids: if you have to choose what to study, learn a new language!

Why coaching?

I can’t explain why, it just comes natural to me. It’s a sort of gift… since I was a little girl teachers were asking me to support my peers, the same happened at work, until finally I listened to the call and studied to become a Professional Certified Coach and Mentor. As I say to my students: love what you do and do what you love, so you will never have to work a single day in your life anymore!

Is everybody coachable?

Well, not everybody. If you need therapy, or seek for advices, or demand skill training… coaching is not for you. Furthermore, I believe in the universal rule of attraction, that’s why I offer a complimentary discovery session, we need to feel and understand if we do match!

You propose 12 sessions, what if I need more sessions?

You are the client, you are the boss so if you feel you need more sessions, we will do so 🙂

In all those years of practice I witnessed the power of coaching and the resourcefulness of people. You will be surprised by how much you will be able to achieve in those 12 sessions!

What if I don’t know what to do?

No worries… I’ll support you in eliciting the aim that is in you! It’s all in you 🙂

Coaching or Mentoring?

That’s my experience:

  • If you are willing to get clarity on your goal and reach it in a short period of time, you need coaching;
  • If you want to fulfill your purpose and transform your life, then you need mentoring.

What is a language coaching conversation?

Most of the time what is blocking us in expressing ourselves in a foreign language is that we lack in confidence: we pretend to speak as we speak in our native language to be accepted… we fear others’ judgment. Using coaching techniques and the language you have studied, I’ll support you in boosting your confidence level, overcoming your fears and underlying beliefs… and enjoying expressing yourself in the choosen language! *

*Service available in Italian, English and French.